• Guiding Paths

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide affordable transitional housing and resources to underserved underprivileged adult populations within communities in Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. The mission of Guiding Paths is framed on the fundamentals of interpersonal development, social skills, financial literacy, health awareness, and advocacy to foster lifelong success. The living environment and programs offered through Guiding Paths envelops independence, helps individuals to shape and pursue their personal goals, contribute to their community, and navigate conflict in healthy ways. Research shows that underserved individuals who are engaged with available resources and support systems within the community, live longer, healthier, productive lives. 


    Our Vision

    Guiding Paths envisions assisting individuals with reshaping, renewing, and re-inventing themselves. Our staff and community connection hopes to envelop positive outcomes that significantly improves the lives and opportunities of all clients through connection, convenience, and community though our residential services.


    Our Core Values

    • Quick assessment and identification of an individual’s needs, striving to meet and exceed those needs through a compassionate, structured, nurturing and person centered environments.
    • Employing empathetic, highly skilled, educated support to deliver a quality continuum of services.
    • Creating meaningful reputable relationships with local, regional and statewide social services and judicial systems to provide mutually beneficial and supportive services to the community.
    • Provide and or connect individuals to innovative individualized education programming through collaboration with educational partners.
    • Encouraging structured family and or close friends involvement to improve outcomes.



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  • Tristan Reed, PMHNP-BC, MBA-HA

    Dedicated to Serving

    "Life is comprised of winding roads. At Guiding Paths, we make it our mission to guide others on the right path to their divine purpose".- Tristan


    With nearly a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse and now, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Tristan Reed who is the founder of Guiding Paths prioritizes the organizational structure on servitude. Tristan is committed to bettering her community by lending a helping hand which saves lives, heals hearts, and harbors hope. The investment of helping others gives way for one to pay it forward to the next person in need.

    Passion Meets Purpose


    Around the age of 5, I had my first devastating life altering encounter with mental illness as a close relative had the first of numerous nervous breakdowns. Seeing a person engage in unrecognizable behaviors let an impression that I will never forget. To this day, the saga of mental illness is yet still an unpredictable rollercoaster. Combating mental illness of a relative often means mitigating years of medication non-compliance, financial and housing instability, safety threats, and denial which shifts the familial dynamics and turns a loved one into a familiar stranger. I am certain most people who love a person living with untreated or unmanaged mental illness have shared concerns about what to do and how to go about it. Finding the right treatment interventions can be far more complicated when there are limited resources, education, and support systems for those persons impacted by a chronic mental health condition.


    Something in Common
    I grew up in the inner city projects raised in a single parent home. I have been in the throws of poverty and have close relatives who still struggle with chronic substance use, mental illness, poverty, homelessness and a criminal history. Support goes a long way when you truly understand the struggle and at Guiding Paths, sensitivity is instinctive making it second nature to nurture vulnerable populations. The difference between destruction and destiny is guidance, having someone point the way and direct the path. It is our goal at Guiding Paths to help other vulnerable populations get on the path to their purpose.

  • Shared Housing

    Residential Services 

    Guiding Paths offers a plethora of shared affordable housing options. Right now, we are prioritizing veterans and individuals living with a diagnosed mental illness but may be able to accommodate other transitional populations upon request.


    Too many Veterans are without safe, affordable housing. Guiding Paths is here to serve our heroes who are in transition and or experiencing homelessness.

    For very low-income Veterans, we connect them with an SSVF which provides case management and supportive services in the transition process to help them identify a new, more suitable, permanent housing situation for the individual and his or her family.


    *Please note that housing options are both Co-ed & Non-Intergrated

    Individuals Living with Mental Health Conditions

    We specialize in providing transitional housing for individuals who are living and coping with mental health conditions. Often times people living with mental health conditions struggle to ascertain resources and supports for a sustainable lifestyle. We not only provide housing but provide education on mental health conditions while enriching their engagement in mental wellness.


    *Please note that housing options are both Co-ed & Non-Integrated . Housing preferences is based on availability.



    Community Assisted Medication Management and Assessment

    Community assisted medication management and assessment is a service to help manage client's needs in the community. Our professional staff will help individuals with medication management which includes medication pick-up, organization, administration, and assessment.

    Coming Soon...........

    Respite Housing

    We our actively working on being able to provide respite service provisions to better address needs for short-term placing in the community.


    Coming Soon...........


    COVID 19 Testing & More

    We offer concierge mobile lab and testing services. Our proactive, quality healthcare testing services are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment, the comforts of your home, employment, or place of worship. WE are completely mobile and cover the northeast Ohio and surrounding areas to provide CLIA WAIVED testing services which includes but is not limited to COVID 19 testing, urine drug screens, flu testing, and TB testing.


    For safety purposes, all GUIDING PATHS clients are tested for applicable communicable diseases prior to being housed and as needed based on suspected exposure.

  • Guiding Paths Programming Requirements

    Please note the following information is mandatory to participate in Guiding Paths Programming.


    SSDI, SSI Preferred


    Income must be managed by a third party guarantor for service consideration.

    COVID 19 Testing

    Verified Record of Covid 19 Vaccination is acceptable.

    ADL Independence

    Must be able to perform ADL's

    Must Review and complete all forms

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